Auto-rickshaw Advertising
Auto-rickshaw Advertising
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Pack Packing events In Noida
Pack Packing events In Noida
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Indian Railways Branding


The consumer is constantly bombarded with ads in various media, the distractions are immense
Knowing that more than half of India’s consumer travel through the Railways, what better way to do so than being present on the tickets itself!.Journey by train has become one of the cheapest and convenient ways of transportation for people of all sections of the society.

  1. The country has a total of 7,031 stations
  2. Indian Railways transports over 18 million passengers daily
  3. There are millions who travel by trains on daily basis, like Businessmen, Professionals, Students, etc
  4.  Most of the middle income group consumer travel by train at some point in time or the other.
  5.  There is a healthy mixture of people belonging to different socio economic classes, gender etc.