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Pack Packing events In Noida
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look walkers

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For Lookwalkers Rental and campaigns for Event/Brand Promotions: Give us a call on-09971716221

This Is The Fastest Route To Reach Your Brand To Your Customers; It Is Low Cost & Great Sales Place For Your Business.

Look walkers are the new concept in outdoor advertising.
We also provide Look walkers rental in all North India Cities.
Their ultra slim quality and light weight makes them efficient to be carried on human shoulders.
Lookwalkers (also called as human pop-ups, walking billboards, Mobile Banners)

We(SB Advertisiding Media) provide Look walker service on rental basis.
Lookwalker is a kind of mobile billboard format, in which a person carries a billboard on his back and then he moves in the crowd.
The best thing is that it glows at night.
It is the most innovative marketing technique which is used in India.

contact (Raj singla): +91 9136909020 +91 9971716221. we provide Look walker Rent or Hire in Delhi, Gurgaion, Fridabad,Gaziabad, Noida ,Greator Noida  & all our north India.