Auto-rickshaw Advertising
Auto-rickshaw Advertising
innovative way to promote your brand
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Pack Packing events In Noida
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Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Get ready for driving your brand to customers

Looking for a simple and inexpensive way of getting the word out about your brand. You could take a leaf out of Delhi’s infamous auto rickshaws, which are increasingly acting as mobile advertisements. SB Advertising Media(, a Delhi based outdoor media agency, has initiated to convert auto rickshaws into “moving billboards”. Currently, We(SB Advertising Media) offer more than 5000 rickshaws to use for the branding exercise. The prime spots for advertisement in an auto rickshaw includes the hood, side display panels and customized interior branding options.

“Auto Rickshaws” , innovative way for branding your company or product

SB Advertising Media provides you with an innovative way for branding your company or product on Auto Rickshaws. This service helps your brand ride into the lives of your customers, everyday – everywhere. Auto rickshaws are the heart-beat of Delhi/NCR roads. You find an Auto in every nook and corner of Delhi which solely helps an entire population to travel in a simple and a convenient way. SB Advertising Media takes immense pride to bring this innovative service to you. Every road in Delhi takes you to your destination – Customers. So, come on-board and advertise in a new and effective fashion to leave an impression for your brand.

Auto Rickshaw Branding only in 35 Rs/Day

Benefits of Auto Rickshaw Advertising

  Now-a-days, Auto Rickshaw Advertising is one of the best ways of advertising by which you can make people aware about your products and services. By advertising and promoting their business in the market, businessmen are able to increase their sales and profit of their business. Companies and firms can get a range of benefits for their business by hiring the service of advertising but they need to make sure that they hire one of the effective companies of advertisement that offer superior quality advertisement services at affordable rates