Auto-rickshaw Advertising
Auto-rickshaw Advertising
innovative way to promote your brand
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Pack Packing events In Noida
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“Auto Rickshaws” , innovative way for branding your company or product

SB Advertising Media provides you with an innovative way for branding your company or product on Auto Rickshaws. This service helps your brand ride into the lives of your customers, everyday – everywhere. Auto rickshaws are the heart-beat of Delhi/NCR roads. You find an Auto in every nook and corner of Delhi which solely helps an entire population to travel in a simple and a convenient way.

SB Advertising Media takes immense pride to bring this innovative service to you. Every road in Delhi takes you to your destination – Customers. So, come on-board and advertise in a new and effective fashion to leave an impression for your brand.
our Team are always on their toes to bring this innovative medium of advertising on Autos in the most trusted and efficient manner to you. It promises to provide you with pollution-free, well-maintained Autos with trained Auto-drivers. They are making all possible efforts to take care of the welfare of the Auto-drivers. For the commuter, we personally keep a check that they have a comfortable ride;

we boasts of providing the maximum number of Autos on Delhi roads. we have more than 5,000 Auto Rickshaws that are ready to be branded, and by advertising on Auto Rickshaws your brand moves across the entire city.

Raj singla from SB Advertising Media speaks “Our creative minds explore the in and out of an Auto to deliver innovative ways for publicizing your brand. We only use best possible material on our Autos – that are wear and tear-proof.”

A variety of creative options like new hood implement on Auto Rickshaws are delivered without hampering or changing the structure and making of the Autos. Our Autos are new and in good shape and condition, some as new as a year old”

So its time to promote your brand all across the Delhi / NCR in a mobile,eco friendly and pocket friendly way.

our slogen clearly speaks “You connect with us – Your brand connects with the world